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IT Consulting & Project


APACMS offer the full range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Consulting Services which follow ITIL and ISO frameworks. We incorporate project, architecture, solutions and design methodologies to assist the Private Business, Corporate and Government Enterprises.

APACMS provides the technical skills and expertise for all sized projects and contract periods. We pride ourselves on delivering top of the line architecture, solutions, designs and implementations with full documentation and training of the required infrastructure solution or modification as part of the portfolio deliverable.

APACMS will assess the project or service you require to be performed, providing you with a proposal document containing clearly defined outputs without committing your organisation financially. We then engage via an agreed brief and portfolio that defines the scope, milestones and the desired delivery outcome of the work being performed with the appropriate governance. Our collaborative agreements are drawn so that your business, corporation or enterprise has no hidden surprises with the highest level of service delivery.

Our project management solutions include:

• Ensuring predictable and consistent performance.
• Effective time management and prioritizing.
• Generating revenue, while decreasing expenses.
• Successful collaboration of multi-disciplinary teams.
• Constant validation of project scope, time and budget.
• Ability to deploy resources as needed.
• Ability to manage changing priorities.
• Providing best practice solutions.
• Identifying improvements and areas of flexibility.
• Better success, less stress


We will provide the fundamentals to help your team be successful in any project. We will make sure your project meets your needs, finishes on-time, and stays within budget.

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