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Find the Latest Virus Threats Being Sent Through Email

Thanks to an eHow Contributor we are able to talk a little about How to Find the Latest Virus Threats Being Sent Through Email.

Viruses have been a threat ever since we came into the computer age. No matter how hard programmers work to create protection programs for your computer, there are always those seeking to break through and damage computers and networks. Finding the latest threats and understanding them is the first step toward protecting your privacy and corporate network.

First of all, if you suspect a virus infection you should contact your I.T support provider. They will be able to advice of the best course of action however below is some general warning and tip to follow:

Make sure you are on a secure connection. (If you are not sure about this contact your IT support contact alternatively you can contact us “APACMS” to take a look for you.)
Make sure you are not redirected to another Web site unless you trust it.
Remember there is no need to subscribe to anything when seeking out information.
Do not give out personal information.
Never accept pop-up windows asking for validation or any kind.

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