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End Point Security

Network and endpoint security is a concern for almost all business now days and for good reason. With the recent explosion of worms, viruses, Trojans, malware and many others, companies should be taking a serious look into their network security.  Most businesses simply don’t know just how vulnerable they really are to all these outside threats.

The first line of defence to your office network is a firewall. A firewall is a designed to intercept and check each packet of information attempting to pass though into your network. Based upon the rules set within the firewall, the firewall will either allow a packet to pass through into your network or decline its access. As to how granular this checking process is will be determined by the make, model and configuration of your firewall.

The second line of defence should be your antivirus and anti-spam software which should be setup to check all files being opened and it is recommended that you perform a virus scan of your computer every 24 hours. Anti-virus software have come a long way in the past 5 years with the ability to prevent users from connecting their USB thumb drives, accessing CDs/DVDs or even preventing a program from opening.

We also believe that to effectively secure your endpoints, policies must be set by your network administrator on the server side dictating how strong a user's password should be or how often a user should change their password, what files users can and open, delete and move. The policies are usually pushed out to all the workstations (endpoints) when a user logs into their machine. This method of security is a very effective and creates many unexpected obstacles for hackers, viruses and other threats.

At APACMS, we specialise in helping small and medium sized businesses to design and implement a strong security plan, customised to your network. We work with you to find a balance between cost, productivity and security to ensure your network is free from many of the major threats out there today.
APACMS will perform a free security audit on your network to help you to determine any weak areas within your network. Contact us on +61 2 9987 1445 or book an appointment with one of our consultants.

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