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Network Monitoring

APACMS can monitor your entire IT environment including multi-server business applications like Microsoft SharePoint, CRM and ERP as well as mission-critical services such as the sending and receiving of email (SMTP and POP3), voice (VoIP) and web (HTTP and HTTPS). We can then send daily, weekly or monthly reports containing response time, availability, up-time and much more.

Error alerts are set to our monitoring team can receives an immediate notification via several methods such as email, SMS, real-time or email to phone. Once the error is realised our experienced engineers will then attempt resolve the issue by first establishing the cause of the problem, then working with 3rd parties if required to have the issue repaired.

All detected issues are logged in our advanced ticketing system and a report can be sent to you to advise you of the cause and the steps taken to create a resolution.

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