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Network Design and Installation

Computer networks are fast becoming the central core of almost all business operations. Each of your employees needs to be in constant communication with each other as well as all their vital documents. This helps to ensure staff collaborate on projects in the most efficient and productive manner. there are many other benefits a dedicated computer network can bring to a small business, such as centralised backups, secure remote access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to name a few.

The functionality of an office computer network has increased dramatically, allowing users to have access to software programs and critical information such as email from not only other PCs in your company, but from internet connections and even your cell phone. However, a computer network on its own are not complete without considering the security implications and the business processes that feed into your critical computer files. Where you have more than one team member working on a product, how they share files and collaborate on changes is even more important than how their computers are physically connected.

Talk to APACMS about how we can help you and how a stable and reliable office network will help to make your business a more efficient, cost effective business.

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