IT Security Experts

Superior IT Cybersecurity Services

APACMS believes the best approach to an appropriately secured network is to have a good IT cybersecurity strategy. The use of a standard antivirus and firewall simply isn't enough to keep users protected. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to improve their methods of attack and bypass old and out-dated security mechanisms.

Good cybersecurity requires multiple security layers such as an antivirus containing Phishing, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and firewall protection features.

Let APACMS analyse, advise and build you superior layer of protection for you network and you’re your users.

How we secure IT better

We follow a four step process to establish your requirements and secure your network from cybersecurity threats.


1. Secure

We ensure that all the components are well-guarded with adequate authentication and authorisation and network policies

2. Monitor

We can constantly monitor your network activity and ensure safeguards are erected and any alerts can be sent to your IT staff in real-time.

3. Test

Assess the vulnerabilities of your network security policies by having them attacked by a trusted entity.

4. Enhance

Based on all the preceding phases, APACMS can collect data and use it to build better safeguards for your business in the future as your network changes.

Information Security

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (known as the CIA Triad) are the core principles of Information Security and CyberSecurity.


Breaches of confidentiality take many forms from permitting someone to look over your shoulder at your computer screen while you have confidential data displayed on to a laptop being stolen or sold with sensitive information on it.


When information is modified in transit the integrity is compromised. Most cipher systems provide message integrity along with privacy as part of the encryption process. Messages that have been tampered with in transit will not decrypt successfully.


Denial of Service (DoS) attacks is one of the most common forms of hacking currently and they can be very destructive to your organisation. These attacks can come in many forms and are able to completely drop your network and all use of it.